Carbon footprint

Carbon footprint

showcase2A carbon footprint assessment enables a company to determine its status quo and implement a successful carbon reduction program. A regular calculation of the carbon footprint allows for monitoring of the effects of the program. It is the intent of EWS to adopt best practices in carbon footprint assessments and reduction programs within the Southern African context. The methodologies and experiences developed by Vitens-Evides International in conjunction EWS can be used by peer utilities for their own benefit.

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The production and distribution of water as well as the collection and treatment of waste water is an essential aspect of our daily life. These activities involve the use of electricity, chemicals and other natural resources. Investigating this impact in a carbon footprint allows a water utility to prioritize initiatives to reduce its impact on the environment. eThekwini Water and Sanitation has initiated a number of projects to reduce its impact on the environment with a specific focus on energy reduction. Some of these initiatives are also showcases within the Centre of Expertise.

Status & Feedback

The showcase has been concluded in 2013.



Dhevan Govender

Senior Manager: Commercial and Business

eThekwini Water and Sanitation

Tel: +27 (0) 31 311 8689

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Calculation model; guideline on how to calculate the carbon footprint


A training on how to calculate the carbon footprint within the water and sanitation sector is available. Please contact Dhevan Govender (see contact) for more details.

All training will be offered by dedicated training institutes later this year.


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