More information from your data

More information from your data

I2MTS Dashboard Picture  headerThe I2MTS (Integrated Innovating Maintenance Technologies & Solution) showcase, as applicable to the water supply and waste water infra elements of EWS, deals with the issue on how to maximise available data to optimize management/engineering decision making, improving operational efficiency, reducing non-revenue losses, and meeting regulatory compliances.

The ultimate aim is to assist EWS to provide clean and safe water to the local communities. This will be done through the introduction of a management dashboard that provides a hierarchical structured, KPI enabled, real-time, management information environment that runs on virtual servers within the EWS IT infrastructure.

The dashboard can be accessed anywhere in the world using remote desktop and VPN, and issues emails following alarmed situations, allowing key management and engineering staff to elicit timely responses. The dashboard allows any type of data to be interfaced and shows raw and refined data.2exploration


Municipalities are required by law to deliver clean and safe water to local communities and to do this in the most cost effective manner (as they are using funding supplied by taxpayers).

Managers and engineers are using data from various sources to help them to make correct decisions and to react on alarmed situations. Some of the data sources are used for process control activities and includes SCADA type systems to control the waste water purification systems and to monitor custody transfer pricing for water purchases from neighboring municipalities.

A management dashboard aims to combine all available data sources within a single environment, and to present the data in a manner that will allow managers and engineers to view the status of their assets in real time, and to receive automated warnings in case of alarmed situations. This includes data used within SCADA control processes, however, it excludes any active process control.


The technology demonstrated involves the integration of available datasets into a virtual management information environment allowing for the data to be presented in raw/refined format and suitably alarmed through various types of limits.

Typical datasets includes; flow, volume, pressure, sales volumes, bursts/leakages (locations, types, etc.), current operating capacities, removal efficiencies, dissolved oxygen levels, regulatory compliances, maintenance status, and asset status.

The technology demonstrated also includes generating models to predict non-revenue losses using data from the available datasets. The asset status includes compliance to PAS 55 requirements.

Status & Feedback

The showcase is nearing its 90% completion status with a full demo on 15 May 2014.

Following this demo the dashboard will be optimized for a couple of months and presented to EWS by end August 2014.


For the showcase the management dashboard includes the EWS DMA – Durban CBD and 16 Custody Transfer Points within the water supply side, and the Northern Works Sanitation Plant Liquid Treatment Process within the waste water side.


Simon Scruton Pr. Eng. MSc. Eng (Civil) MSAICE

Senior Manager: Non-Revenue Water Branch eThekwini Water and Sanitation

Tel: +27 (0) 31 311 8744

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The management dashboard is developed by VEC Engineering Consultancy BV (VEC, Leiderdorp, Netherlands) with the maintenance and asset status inputs developed by IMS International BV (IMS, Tilburg, Netherlands).

Andries Vermaak

VEC Engineering Consultancy BV (

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


After the 90% completion demo (15 June 2014) the City of Cape Town Metropolitan Municipality, City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality, and the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality (Port Elizabeth) will be given full access to the dashboard in order to “look over the shoulder of EWS” how the dashboard is developing until the completion of the showcase. This allows ample opportunity for these metropolitan municipalities to show concrete interest to also acquire the dashboard.

The dashboard also now includes sale volume data for the 16 Custody Transfer Points and the DMA – Durban CBD, allowing for potential losses within the overall system to become more visible.


EWS staff will be trained to use the dashboard during the optimization period (Jun to Aug 2014).

Please contact Simon Scruton (see contact) for more details.

All training will be offered by dedicated training institutes later this year.


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