Algae control

Algae control

Algae pontThe use of Ultrasonic equipment to control algae growth in various process steps of drinking water and waste water treatment works.

LG Sound produces innovative equipment to control algae blooms in lakes and reservoirs.

In this showcase, we aim to validate the LG Sonic equipment at 4 different locations in South Africa.

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Various process components of drinking water and waste water treatment works in South Africa suffer from excessive algae growth. This has an influence on the treatment capacity and efficiency, resulting in a requirement to control algae growth.

Cato Ridge WWTW is a maturation ponds type waste water treatment works, consisting of 5 ponds. In this showcase, LG Sound algae control equipment will be installed first in pond no 1, the most upstream pond. At success, the equipment will be installed in the remaining ponds downstream.


The ultrasonic equipment produced by LG Sound are specifically designed to control algae blooms and biofilm in underwater systems.

The LG Sonic systems produce specific ultrasonic frequencies that affect the algal distribution within the water column. It is an environmental friendly technology which is harmless to fish and plants.

To use ultrasonic sound waves effectively for algae or biofilm control, it is important that very specific frequencies are used, issued under specific circumstances, therefore the LG Sonic products have different ultrasonic programs, that can be set to the specific algae that are present in the water. Optionally, the products can be combined with in-situ water quality monitoring, so the LG Sonic products can be set to the optimum frequency automatically.

Status & Feedback

The showcase is expected to start in the second half of 2014.


The project locations are 4 different locations throughout South Africa: Cato Ridge WWTW: a maturation ponds type waste water treatment works in KZN. Details of the remaining project locations will follow.

Cato ridge, Durban


Dhevan Govender

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eThekwini Water and Sanitation

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The aim of this showcase is to show the results of control of Algae in the various process components, to be verified both visually (photographs) and with Algae counts and determination in a laboratory.


Training is anticipated to be available early 2015.


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