Asset Management Game tailored for South African water utilities

AM game played in PETo assist South African water utilities in the implementation of asset management, eThekwiniWater and Sanitation, Centre of Expertise and Colibri Advies tailored the management game for the South African market. The game can be used by organisations directly or incorporated in training programmes.

As part of its role out the game was played at Cape Town, Port Elizabeth (photo, enclosed) and Johannesburg.

The asset management game supports organisations in the implementation of infrastructure asset management. It enhances the communication between employees on a wide range of asset management topics. The game provides a rough roadmap for asset management development. It incorporates internationally acknowledged asset management standards and is linked to organisational maturity steps.

The physical board game is played by five players representing various departments of an organisation A game facilitator is added to the five players. The players are confronted with a limited budget and a series of challenges that they have to tackle as an individual player and as a team. The overall performance of the asset management organization is expressed as stakeholder value. The aim of the game is to achieve the highest score as a team and as an individual player. Playing the game takes about 1 ½ - 2 hours.

End of Year 2013

During the IMESA conference in Port Elizabeth (23-25th of October) the Centre of Expertise was presented to about 800 senior municipal officials (most of them engineers employed by municipalities). The presentation was well received and has laid a good base for engaging further with the South African Utilities. The City of Cape Town has since that IMESA presentation formally committed to participating in the Centre of Expertise as well. The collaboration with Port Elizabeth is heading off as well. Johannesburg Water PTY LTD is going through the internal processes to be able to officially participate in the Centre of Expertise as well.

EWS joins hands with the Dutch to find water soultions

water solution

Centre of Expertise can commence!

1Vitens Evides International received the grant funding from the Royal Dutch Embassy in Pretoria on the 22nd of March. The grant funding of 1 million euro will support the set-up of the Centre of Expertise for the next three years. It marks an  important milestone of a year of hard work with the partners in preparing the Centre of Expertise concept.